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Alright, spending my time to write an Eniripsa's guide, as of today the guide is not complete. This dofus guide will be based on some exisiting Eniripsa's out there. Special thanks to Devilwings, Siennafae and Kinetic.



An Eni is one of the easier characters to start basically because their build is pretty straight forward. Eni's are required almost anywhere be it to give AP or to help out in keeping allies alive. Their ability to regenerate their own hp also make them one of the more versatile classes in PvP (Basically if you cannot hit more then they regenerate you're DEAD). One of the tactics used by Panacee, a high level Eni, was to max her resist to a certain element to counter her enemy (SOVIET *cough*), what ensued after that was a 2hr fight where both parties fell asleep >_<. Healing is affected by +Heals and Int. +Heals work very much like +damage, it adds on to your basic heal spell whereas Int acts as a multiplier to your heals.

Eniripsa's are based on two builds

Party Eni: Party Eni's are based solely on healing, any spell that does healing, LEVEL IT (See i told you Eni builds are easy).

Solo/PvP Eni: PvP Eni's focus on spells like paralyzing word, wiping word, word of silence and word of regen. Wiping word can be used in both offence and defence, basically cast wiping word, regen, stim word etc and move up to your opponent, in the third turn or so hit him with paralysis and silence. The just hit him with the wand and he's history


A must have character for any party
Self-healing saves you on bread/money

Buffing is a must esp stim word, regen word etc, this takes up one or two turns of your fight time.
Most parties need you to heal rather then fight, some people might not like the idea of that.
Enis use wands with a min of 2 range, any close combateers have to be pushed away one square before he can be hit with a wand.

As we know, all Eniripsa spells are based on fire, only intelligence and hp should be added to an eniripsa, if required, the rest of the stats should be scrolled. For newbie players i suggest half of your points into intel, half into hp.

Intelligence stats
1 for 1: 1 to 100
2 for 1: 101 to 200
3 for 1: 201 to 300
4 for 1: 301 to 400
5 for 1: 401 to ∞


Level 1: Curative Word
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Fire heal
Lvl AP Heal
1 6 5 - 11
2 6 7 - 13
3 5 9 - 15
4 5 11 - 17
5 4 13 - 19
6 3 17 - 25

This spell is important only at higher levels, either max it for 3ap usage or leave it at level 1. Usage is highly situational and can only be cast on self.

Level 1: Wounding Word
IPB Image
Lvl Range AP Damage
1 1 - 3 4 1 - 3
2 1 - 4 4 2 - 4
3 1 - 4 4 3 - 5
4 1 - 5 4 4 - 6
5 1 - 6 3 5 - 7
6 1 - 7 3 9 - 11

Simple, DO NOT LEVEL THIS, deals 9-11 damage for 3 ap at level 6, 1-7 range, why use this spell when your wand can hit much higher and Forbidden Word is much better.

Level 1: Draining Word
IPB Image

Seriously don't bother adding this, another one of those useless eni spells. This spell uses 3 ap to cast and attempts to drain the opponent 1-3 ap at level 5 at range 1-10, trust me its more useful to cast a wiping word on yourself if you're seriously that desperate to use this spell, also Paralyzing Word is much better spell to level.

Level 3: Healing Word
IPB Image
Lvl AP Heals CritHeal Range
1 4 3 - 6 9 1 - 3
2 4 4 - 7 11 1 - 3
3 4 5 - 8 13 1 - 4
4 3 6 - 9 15 1 - 5
5 3 8 - 11 19 1 - 6
6 2 11 - 14 20 1 - 8

MAX THIS. Many newbs prefer word of sacrifice to healing word, most do not realise the importance of this spell, the 2 AP cost at level 6 beats even word of sacrifice after level 100. I have seen many high level enis who regret not leveling this spell and start complaining its gonna cost them a bomb to unlevel word of sacrifice, so trust me on this, level it and f!@# Word of Sac.

*Note pls refer to Word Of Sac for more information

*Note it is possible to achieve half crit heals using a feudala set for spell level 6 (1/30crit), xnbtx can heal up to 175 on a crit.

Level 6: Forbidden Word
IPB Image
Lvl Range AP Damage
1 1 -1 6 4 - 7
2 1 - 2 6 3 - 8
3 1 - 2 5 4 - 9
4 1 - 2 5 5 - 10
5 1 - 3 4 7 - 12
6 1 - 4 3 11 - 16

One of the few spells an Eni has that can hit at close range, level this ONLY if you feel there's nowhere else to put your points

Level 9: Stimulating Word
IPB Image
Lvl APGained Duration CritAP range Crit
1 1 3 1 2 2 1/45
2 1 - 2 3 2 2 2 1/50
3 1 - 2 4 2 2 2 1/50
4 1 - 2 4 2 2 3 1/50
5 1 - 2 5 2 2 4 1/50
6 2 5 2 - 3 2 5 1/100

YEAH now we're talking, the AP giver. Gives AP to all adjacent standing allies for 4 turns at level 5, MAX IT. Just remember do not cast this spell if you have less then 10hp because it will hit yourself for slight damages. Sometimes people multiclient and forget to bread their enis, when they cast this spell, oups, there goes my eni, lol its funny though.

Level 13: Preventing Word
IPB Image
Lvl AP DamageReduction Duration CritReduction Turnbetweencast Range
1 4 1 - 10 1 turn 11 10 0
2 4 1 - 15 1 turn 16 9 0
3 4 1 - 20 2 turns 21 8 0
4 3 1 - 25 2 turns 26 7 0
5 3 1 - 30 2 turns 31 6 0 - 6
6 3 11 - 35 2 turns 36 5 0 - 6

Another really important spell for an eni, it basically reduces damage taken by person when spell is in use. Crit hit is 1/50. Damage reduction is pretty random and is based purely on the int stat of castee (person who has the spell casted on). Try to aim for a critical though because at 36 damage reduction, i believe it can reduce up to 200 damage with 400int stat.

Level 17: Frightening Word
IPB Image
Lvl AP Range
1 3 1 - 1
2 3 1 - 2
3 2 1 - 2
4 2 1 - 3
5 2 1 - 4
6 1 1 - 5

Max this. At level 6 it uses 1 ap to push any character away 1 square.

Usage: Can be used to push enemy away from you 1 square, then hit him with a wand.
Also useful to prevent enemy from using agil lock which might cause you to fail dodge roll.

Someone asked me which is better, "Release" (<< This spell parchment is a global drop) or Frightening Word. Release Spell requires 3 AP to move surrounding characters by 3 spaces, however personally i feel Frightening Word is better because 1. You don't need to buy it 2. Frightening Word costs only 1 AP and does not need characters to be directly beside you. Sometimes you just want to move an ally by one space to avoid evasion lock so 1 AP is good enough, just use the rest of your AP to heal your ally. 3. Frightening Word has more control considering you can move multiple mobs in various directions you want them to move.

Level 21: Revitalizing Word
IPB Image
Lvl Heal Range AP
1 1 - 5 4 3
2 1 - 6 4 3
3 1 - 7 4 3
4 1 - 8 4 3
5 1 - 9 4 2
6 7 - 11 4 2

This spell is extremely useful in lower levels particularly because it can heal a large area of allies, however at high level mob fights, usually only the sacrier takes damage thus concentrated healing is better. Nevertheless i would recommend Eni's to max this (area heals are always good), it would take some practice before you know how to place this spell properly to heal all your allies.

Revitalizing Word has an area effect, the person in the center of the healing area gets healed most, people furthest away from the center gets the least healed (exactly how much i'm not sure but its really not alot)

Level 26: Word Of Regeneration
IPB Image
Lvl Heals Duration Range
1 1 - 4 2 0
2 1 - 4 3 0
3 1 - 4 4 0
4 1 - 4 5 0
5 1 - 4 6 1
6 3 - 6 7 2

Heals the user every turn when spell effect is in play, can only be casted once per turn. This spell is based according to a users intelligence and +heals. Max it as the spell is usefull for keeping a person in full hp during fights, this also allows a user to free up his turns for attacking instead of healing. In pvp, this is one of the first spells that any eni will cast, after 6 turns, an Eni can churn out tons of blood to refill any blood bank.

Level 31: Word OF Thorn
IPB Image

At level 5, this spell reflects 1-7 damage. As mentioned in wiki, this spell is much weaker then a xelors counter spell. Do not level this unless you feel like becoming a wannabe xelor.

Level 36: Word Of Youth
IPB Image
Lvl AP Range
1 6 1
2 6 2
3 5 4
4 5 6
5 4 10

Word of youth helps unbewitch allies, useful when harmful buffs like rickshaw or winds of panic have been cast on you. I recommend leveling this spell to level 3 as it is really the sweet spot (Enough range to cover most allies and also requiring only 3 spell points to level it).

Level 42: Vampiric Word
IPB Image
Fire Damage
Level AP Range Damage
1 6 1 3 to 9
2 6 1 4 to 10
3 5 1 5 to 11
4 5 1 6 to 12
5 4 1 7 to 13

Deals 7-13 damage at level 5 and heals Eni for half the damage dealt. Personally I feel that forbidden word would be a much better spell to cast as it requires only 3 ap. Level this spell only if you really have extra spell points. As an eni, most healing would come from Word Of Regen, thus vampires are not required.

Level 48: Word Of Sacrifice
IPB Image
Lvl Heals SelfDamage Range
1 11 - 20 11 - 20 1 – 3
2 11 - 20 11 - 20 1 - 4
3 16 - 25 16 - 25 1 - 4
4 21 - 30 21 - 30 1 – 4
5 31 - 40 31 - 40 1 - 5

Heals an ally 31-40, hits caster 31-40 damage. Spell has no critical rate.
Ok, this spell has been highly debated and questioned time and again, many newbies level this to regret it later. Why? At first glance this spell has the highest heals of any Eni spell, for 10AP, Word of Sac heals 62-80 as compared to 55-70 for Healing Word at 10AP. BUT casting 5 times Healing Word means that if you have +20heals, 20x5casts would result in and extra 100 hp healed, that is significantly a lot. One other point to note is that Healing Word has a 1/30 critical rate while Word Of Sac has no critical rate, on a critical Healing Word can easily hit a 20 hp healed, using half crit rate the healing will be more then Word Of Sac.

Level 54: Friendship Word
IPB Image
Yea just a bunny, gives bunny boosts of around +5-7 heals at level 5 and heals single allies for around 20-30damage, not really worth it to level. BUT ITS SOOOOO CUTE LIKE ZOMG!!! Aww c’mon everybody loves bunnies, level it to 5 if you have a bunny fetish. Has a cooldown of 2 turns at level 5, useful only to take up space.

Editor's note: Personally, I feel that their useful, spamming of the bunny helps to heal allies, gives you +heals and force enemies to take one turn to kill them. However, Bunnies are also not spammed because of the same reason why Osamadas don't spam tofus, they make the game go slower. If every turn has to go through 3 bunnies, multiply that by a few rounds and lag, you count how much longer it will take.

Level 60: Paralyzing Word
IPB Image
Lvl AP Range Duration Duration on critical hit
1 6 AP 1 - 4 1 2
2 5 AP 1 - 4 1 2
3 5 AP 1 - 5 2 3
4 5 AP 1 - 6 2 3
5 5 AP 1 - 7 3 4

Spell has a Critical Hit of 1/50
Basically this spell attempts to remove the MP of an enemy one turn. Useful only for PvP, level 5 for PvP Eni’s.

Level 70: Wiping Word
IPB Image
Lvl AP Duration TurnBetweenCasts
1 6 3 20
2 6 4 20
3 6 5 20
4 6 6 20
5 6 7 20

This spell allows an Eni (Self only) to become invisible much like a Sram. Usually Lvl 2-3 is the sweet spot for this spell as increase in levels only increases the duration. When Eni makes an attack with wand, she becomes visible again. This spell can be used defensively to buff up, avoid detection or to simply to allow you time to think your next move. Useful for PvP Eni’s.

Level 80: Word Of Silence
IPB Image
Lvl AP MinusAP Duration TurnBetweenCast Range
1 6 4 1 1/30 3 1
2 5 5 1 1/35 3 1
3 5 6 1 1/40 3 1
4 5 7 1 1/45 3 1
5 4 8 1 1/50 3 1

Same as Paralyzing Word except this is the AP version, subtracts AP from a small area of enemies for one turn, spell is dodgeable. Max it if you’re a PvP Eni. Nuff said.

Level 90: Word Of Altruism
IPB Image
Level Teamheals %Death
1 30-50 100
2 40-65 90
3 50-80 80
4 60-95 65
5 70-110 50

Yeah this is the spell many high level Eni’s don’t level, but I’ll tell you a secret, you SHOULD level it. Basically this high healing spell heals every ally on the map at level 5, you have a 50% chance of dying when you cast this spell, some fights you’ll be desperate to heal everyone even if it means DEATH. In a do or die situation, a 50% chance to win is better then a zero % chance to win. Whats more you can give the excuse that you were trying to save the team when in actual fact you just wanted to watch tv smile.gif

Level 100: Word Of Recovery
IPB Image
Lvl Heals Range AP
1 101-200 1-4 8
2 101-200 1-5 7
3 151-250 1-5 7
4 201-300 1-5 7
5 301-400 1-6 6

Max this because of 3 reasons. First, at level 5 it requires only 6AP. Second it is a level 100 spell. Third, when game develops on further, there might be more level 200 Sacriers around needing your help ^^. This spell can probably heal 2000+hp for most level 100 Eni’s. Lastly, KuanTi pointed out that this spell can only be cast on self at level 5.

End of spell explanation



Eni's have a 40% bonus to Wands
No bonus to Daggers and Scythes
Penalty to all other weapons

Just stick to wands k? Wands give the most +int in this game and Eni's have a class bonus for this. Also max your Wand Skill.


Low level: 1-20
Adventurers Set
Gobbal Set

Mid Level: 20-38
Full Gobbal Set

Mid Level: 38-45
Presp Set

Mid Level: 45++
Fire Kwak Set with a mixture of stuff, eg. Guava (Hat),Perfect Scara Ring, Dark Treering, Kamasutra Amulet +1AP, Prespic Set (For Fast Leveling)

High Level: 98
Feudala Set (Hopefully +17 Crit ^^, +26-29heals)

Rings/Amulets: Dark Treechnid Ring (Lvl 48), Elya Wood Talisman (Lvl 135), Feudala Amulet (Lvl 91), Kamasutra Amulet (Lvl 43), Harmmony, Little Resin Amulet (Lvl 94), Elya Wood Wedding Ring (Lvl 120), Ring O'stradamus (Lvl48 << personally wouldn't recommend this ring as it is purely for +heals, you can be much better off with some wisdom rings for leveling)

Belts/Shoes: Xenature (Lvl 125), Red Turtle Belt(Lvl 60), Animal Boots (Lvl 94), Feudala Getas(Lvl 68), Flip Flops (Lvl 67)

Hats: Guava (Lvl 46), Haloone (Lvl 122), Dora (Lvl 36), Kanistere(Lvl 120) good for +hp and Critical, Lullabye (Lvl 81), Moth (Lvl 113)

Cape: Cape Houte (Lvl 105), Hooded Cloak(Lvl 58), Nettlez(Lvl 125)

Wands to consider:
Boogey Wand Lvl 105

Damage : 6 to 15 (neutral)
Heals 1 to 100 HP
Steals 1 to 10 HP (fire)
+107 to 129 vitality
+21 to 35 wisdom
+27 to 35 intelligence

The Xyothine Wand Lvl. 145
Damage : 9 to 13 (fire)
Damage : 9 to 13 (neutral)
Steals 4 to 5 HP (air)
+144 vitality
+40 wisdom
+34 intelligence
+4 to critical hits
+5 heals

Amrothiline (Lvl 120) (To reforge)
Damage : 11 to 23 (neutral)
Steals 5 to 9 HP (neutral)
+41 to 80 vitality
+21 to 30 wisdom
+21 to 40 intelligence
Damage increased by 11 to 15%
+6 to 10 prospecting
3 à 5 % resist air

Wand in Dark Treechnid Root Wand Lvl. 67
Damage : 12 to 16 (fire)
+11 to 20 intelligence
+36 to 38 wisdom
-35 to 39 agility
-22 to 36 chance
-25 to 35 strength

Wily Wand Wand Lvl. 59
Damage : 9 to 16 (fire)
+1 to 2 to critical hits
+6 to 20 strength
+6 to 20 agility
+6 to 20 intelligence
-21 to 25 chance

Will-o'-the-wisp's Wand Wand Lvl. 20
Damage : 5 to 8 (fire)
+5 chance
-10 agility
Intelligence >30
AP : 3

Ni'Ninnin Wand Wand Lvl. 50
Steals 1 to 10 HP (fire)
+21 to 40 life
+1 AP
+11 to 20 wisdom
-21 to 120 intelligence

Wand of Limbo Wand Lvl. 105 (Reforge Pls)
Damage : 16 to 20 (neutral)
+1 AP
+1 to range
+21 to 40 wisdom
+21 to 40 intelligence
+1 MP
-11 to 40 strength

Unreal Wand Lvl 90 (forgemaged)
Damage: 1-40 (neutral)
31-50 intelligence
1-30 Wisdom
Magical Reduction 1-10
Physical reduction 1-10

THis weapon is easy to make, gives good wisdom+int, fair damage, the damage reduction can be useful as well

Haired Wand Wand Lvl. 95 (forgemage)
Damage : 16 to 21 (neutral)
2 à 5 % resist air
2 à 5 % resist fire
2 à 5 % resist water
2 à 5 % resist earth

This weapon gives fair damage as well for only 3 ap. But the downside is that it gives no Wis, Int whatsover, probably good for fighting purposes but definately not for leveling


Arachnees, Gobbals

Treechnids, Kokonut Island, Lousy Pig Knights, Scara's, Ougi's (Remember to unbewitch yourself)

Dopeul Land, Eni must have enough hp though

100+ Dregeggs

To tell you honestly, Eni's level best in high level party fights. For solo Eni's I feel it is very irritating to keep pushing mobs off and hitting them with a wand, with lag and such it actually takes longer to end the fight. At low level, wands are not very powerful however at 100+ most wands will prove to be very useful.

==== About Dofus ====
Dofus is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by Ankama Studio, a French computer game manufacturer. Dofus is set in the world of Amakna, which is an anagram of Ankama. Its success led to the marketing of by-products, like books, and with the development of two continuations: Dofus Arena, a tactical online multiplayer game, released at the beginning of 2006, is an alternative "tournament" version of Dofus; and Wakfu which is currently in preparation and should be released by the end of 2007.

Dofus is a role-playing game in which players create characters that serve as their avatar in the online world. The player can choose from twelve different classes, one of which is reserved for subscribers.

One can lose easily thanks to the hard monsters.

Combat is played out "turn by turn" on squared charts. Within a turn, each player can advance 3 squares and use up to 6 "attack points", used to cast spells. The AP (attack points) and MP (movement points) can be increased in later evolution of the character, by using certain equipment.

When a character dies, they lose a specific amount of money and energy that is able to be regained while sitting in a tavern before logging off, or by using certain objects. If all of your energy is exhausted, you will take the form of a ghost which will be used to very slowly reach a statue of a phoenix, where it will be able to resurrect your character and regain a part of its vital energy (1000 points). A character's maximum energy is 10,000, but this can be raised upon reaching certain orders within an alignment. There is a possibility that a priest (who is another play who has reached this rank) will return the fallen player to the "human form" with a portion of their energy, usually in exchange for some Kamas.

Characters can join and form guilds, which make it possible for the members to speak with each other, to coordinate each other, set up a tax collector to take sales/taxes carried out by the players who are not members of the guild, or to steal the objects dropped from monsters at the end of a fight.

A system of alignment makes it possible to take part in a war between the cities Bonta (City of the Angels) and that of Brakmar (City of the Demons), in the form of a players versus players mode (PvP). Since the 1.13 update, points can be gained from these fights, and hence a PvP scene developed. The third alignment, named Sériane-Kern (represented by wings made of wood and fabric), makes it possible to remain neutral and to carry out contracts provided by other players. However, this alignment is only available on the first server, Jiva.

A new update in the game makes it possible to breed Dragoturkeys. This makes it possible to go twice as fast compared to running. As such, there are breeding enclosures available to players to breed their mounts.


There are twelve different classes. The choice of class determines which spells your character will receive, as well as how much characteristic upgrades will cost. The class names are inside jokes amongst the developers, often (but not always) referring in some way to the abilities of the class. For example, the Xelor class which uses time magic in combat, derives its name from Rolex, a watch manufacturer.

* Sadida's Boots ("Adidas" backwards) - Nature-influenced direct damage and voodoo doll summoning.
* Eniripsa's Hands (Aspirine, the French spelling of "Aspirin") - Specialized in healing and invoking spells to increase the abilities of their allies.
* Iop's Heart (named for Yop yogurt drink, a developer in-joke) - Attack-based class with many powerful spells, however they have short range.
* Cra's Range (Arc, French for "bow") - Archer class specializing in bow and arrow attacks that have long range to attack enemies from far away.
* Feca's Shield (café, French for coffee, another inside joke) - Defensive magic user, usually the last man standing in a fight.
* Sacrier's Blood (sacrifice + crier; the French name is sacrieur, sacrifice + rieur, "one who laughs") - Attacks based on sacrifice and self-damage to deal more powerful attacks.
* Osamodas' Whip (Sado-Maso{chism}) - Summoner class that can call creatures to its aid.
* Ecaflip's Coin ("pilface" is a shortened form of "pile ou face", which means "tails or heads") - Gambler class whose attacks are powerful but can backfire and harm the player.
* Enutrof's Fingers (Fortune) - Treasure seeker class that starts off weaker in battle but finds dropped items at a faster rate.
* Xelor's hourglass (Rolex) - Masters of time, able to delay or speed up units in battle by taking or adding Action Points (AP) to enemies and/or allies.
* Sram's Shadow (Mars Bar, yet another inside joke) - thief/assassin class, specializing in different types of hidden traps, invisibility and powerful close combat.
* Pandawa's pint (Padawan or Panda Warrior) - While sober, they're a support class, carrying allies around the battlefield and lowering enemies' elemental resistance. When drunk, they become formidable close-range fighters, with reduced movement but powerful attacks and damage reduction. This class is available only for paid players(p2p).

According to a post on this topic on the official forums, Feca, Iop, and Sram were the first three classes created, so the developers named them after their favorites among the various snacks they enjoyed while making the game, and the names have nothing to do with the classes themselves.

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